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What makes Waterside Conversations for teams so worthwhile?

Clients talk about relief at being able to get off the treadmill together. And are astonished by how much they build and achieve in the short time they are with us.

Giving themselves permission to step away from business as usual enables them to have much more powerful and generative conversations. Natural space, held well, really does release fresh thinking and build relationships for the future.

Everybody gains - and it shows - not just in the moment but in the months to come. Ready and recharged for the next step forward.

Each team’s needs are different and how you get there will vary. Think of this as a mixed medium creation - helping you paint a fresh future together - rather than painting by numbers!

Ready to start the conversation?

Previous clients include


Teams are astonishing organic wholes. Potentially much more than the sum of their parts.

Sometimes, though, it is helpful to give space to individual members so that ultimately the whole team can flourish.

We therefore also offer a limited number of individual Waterside Conversations, usually in half or whole day blocks.