road made by walking

"The road is made by walking..."

What a lovely phrase from a poem by Antonio Machado

For most of us, the real change we seek can’t be found by following a process or understanding a theory. It’s a step into a future that we have to create along the way.

In our complex world, those who want to make a distinctive and significant change have to create a new path. And this requires hope and courage.

But you don’t have to do this alone!  

Our experience in walking as leaders, and with others, frames our work as organisational strategists. Including helping you make sense of where you are, setting your compass, and deciding what step to take next and with whom. And the next, and the next…

Sometimes we come alongside people just for a while to help them where they are as a trusted partner. Enabling them to have the conversations they need and being with them as they decide their next step.

For others it’s an ongoing journey, linking up at key times, acting as a sounding board and bringing mutual accountability.

Because we all need people who will believe in us and bring out the best in us. Enabling us to go places we might not go on our own.

What others say

Thank you … I found the session challenging yet invaluable – the equivalent of ‘a good workout’! Your insight and understanding is extremely impressive and provides a robust scrutiny that we don’t submit ourselves to frequently enough.”  Regional Director, UK & Ireland

Sue helped me look at things in a different way, act in a different way and deal with things and people in a different way…allowing me to be creative with the bigger picture and not get sucked in…” MD of a specialist food manufacturing company

“Thank you again for your help, and for prompting the questions we should be asking rather than the ones with the simple answers.” Director, private hospital

Organising scientists has mischievously been likened to herding cats, because it is notoriously impossible. Sue Heatherington helped me organise and run two of the most effective scientific meetings I have attended: fifty top international people worked together, thought in new ways, and were inspired to carry on working together after the event. Sue planned the meetings meticulously, but also had the professionalism on the day to seamlessly adapt and transform the activities to enable the meeting to exceed all expectations in quality, networking and in generating unexpected powerful ideas. Perhaps most impressively, she got people to work very hard, in new and sometimes challenging ways, and to enjoy the experience immensely. I’m going to run more of these meetings.” Prof Harold Thimbleby, Swansea University and Fellow, Royal College of Physicians (and Sue has worked with him on a number of occasions subsequently)

“Sue Heatherington has also given very valuable support throughout the programme” Acknowledgement in CHI+MED final report. Sue worked as thinking partner to the collaborative research leadership team in an EPSRC funded £5m, 5-year programme across three universities

the waterside people

As an experienced organisational strategist, Sue leads this area of our work.

Because of her senior experience and skills, she is equally at home working 1:1 with leaders, with teams and boards, or handling more complex collaborative projects. Given her breadth of experience, she works across most industries and sectors, drawing on other skilled associates as the need arises. 

Sue is also an inspirational speaker and offers masterclasses and bespoke team workshops.

We’d love to hear what you are trying to do and discuss how we might help you create the change you want to see. Whether this is at The Waterside, remotely or elsewhere…