Find Your Voice


In a noisy world, we want to change the conversation for good.

But not by shouting louder. Or trying to be something we’re not.

Instead, we help people find their voice and use it, recovering their hope for change.

We know that there’s an increasing need for a different kind of voice in our post-industrial world. One that fosters curiosity, creativity and conviction, and shapes a more healthy and connected culture. Because more of the same isn’t enough.

So how can we help?

In addition to our Quiet Disruptor resources and talks, we are developing Find Your Voice intensives here at The Waterside over the Summer:

  • Concentrated

    Long weekend/4-day small group residential type programme with all meals included, where you can either stay with us, camp in the valley or book your own accommodation locally

  • Small group

    Up to six participants with a common interest in either developing your voice through a podcast or writing (or both)

  • Practical

    Working through the elements of Finding Your Voice that Sue has developed in writing her forthcoming book on Quiet Disruptors - practical insights and tangible actions - with parallel practical thread covering the basics of podcasting and writing.

  • Learning

    Mixture of small group and individual work, with additional 1:1 coaching from Sue and Steve as needed

  • Ongoing

    Ongoing connection with free access to the Find Your Voice online community for three months after the intensive

This would particularly appeal to those who are ready to work on their own voice and perhaps want some hand holding on the technical aspects of starting a podcast, or want the space to develop their writing.

Steve is an experienced podcaster, with his unique and successful Alpaca Tribe podcast and is a gifted and sensitive teacher. He co-hosts a global Podcasting Fellowship Alumni group and is a ‘Remarkable’ on Seth Godin’s TPF3 programme.

Sue has been writing and publishing posts since May 2017, starting the daily Quiet Disruptors blog in 2018. She is in the final stages of writing her book on Quiet Disruptors, along the way working with other writers and publishers.