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Today we need courageous and generous collaboration more than ever. It’s no longer just about subject experts and the Internet and Big Data gives us rapid answers to known questions.

Instead, it’s about valuing cross-fertilisation, recognising the whole system and promoting adaptive and integrative approaches. Fresh thinking and innovation start together.

This is new territory for most of us. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it also benefits from a different kind of leadership and support.

Our experience in designing and hosting conversations with some amazing people who have committed to working in collaboration gives us hope.

  • Hope that we can leverage difference to create something extraordinary
  • Hope that people can make their best contribution without being taken over
  • Hope that genuine learning can be realised and breakthrough can be achieved

All within the bounds of reality - often in surprising ways - of healthy accountability, strengthening genuine purpose, and recognising that sometimes, things simply get stuck…

Often it’s those leading collaboratives that invite us to support their having a different kind of conversation, together. We also work with funders, who want to offer additional support to realise the impact of their investments.

Ready to start the conversation?

Previous clients include:

  • CHI+MED - a 5 year multi-million pound EPSRC research grant on medical devices that spanned three universities (UCL, Queen Mary College, and Swansea)
  • YANC - the Youth Arts Network Wales
  • Together Stronger - a collaboration between the Wales Millenium Centre and Valley Kids, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Trust
  • Red Cafe - a collection of community projects based in Mumbles meeting the needs of youth, poverty, mental health, refugees, asylum seekers and prisoners