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There are times when you need to get out of your everyday environment to think and talk differently. To get to a new place, together.

Natural, informal space where you aren’t constrained by a traditional corporate approach. To breathe and see more deeply. And be challenged to push boundaries.

At The Waterside we are both people and place. And we delight helping people change the conversation by creating a natural space for fresh thinking and better solutions. Distinctively.


Sue Heatherington


Sue is a former NHS chief exec with an unusually broad background. She is great at making strategic connections, developing whole system collaboration and enabling people to find their voice.

Trained as a professional coach and experienced in leadership and team development, Sue’s particular passion is working with thoughtful changemakers, people with purpose who want to make a difference.

Especially if this means breaking through into new ways of working together and generating innovation.

Steve Heatherington


Steve is someone who knows life from another angle and makes the people connections through stories and his work on the land. His wisdom and generosity, as well as his technical expertise, is highly valued. He has done a number of projects including producing a podcast and is currently acting as a coach for the online workshop The Podcasting Fellowship 4.

He quickly puts people at their ease so that they can have the conversations and do the work they need to do. And feel really good about themselves at the end.


Is a private, 40-acre valley. A former Victorian reservoir in the hills north of Swansea, South West Wales. Hidden, yet accessible.

Green paths around the lake, up the valley and in the woods give plenty of space to walk, talk and think.

Gather and be at home in the spacious and well equipped long room overlooking the lake. With fresh Coaltown coffee and homemade cake, the only thing missing is mobile phone signal.

Our nearby farmhouse is a great place to eat, with simple homemade food, lovely views and space to spread out.

And then there’s the alpacas

The car park and lakeside long room is relatively accessible for those with mobility issues, though the green paths may be more of a challenge (being a working farm).

Currently, we don’t have purpose-built overnight accommodation, but if you want to come for longer than a day, do talk with us…

Quiet Disruptors

quiet disruptors
These are our resources for thoughtful changemakers. It started as a throwaway phrase, grew into a Manifesto, and now has a daily blog. A short dose of quiet disruptor wisdom, that usually posts at coffee time…

A book is on its way and perhaps a podcast…

Find out more and sign up at the Quiet Disruptors website.

Waterside Voices

In a noisy world, we want to change the conversation for good.

So we delight in helping people uncover their voice and use it - authentically. Recovering their hope for change.

Sue’s work on finding your voice with Quiet Disruptors, Steve’s expertise in podcasting, and the space here at The Waterside enables us to offer:

  • Find Your Voice Intensives - for up to 4 people, over three days
  • Creative Retreats
  • Find Your Voice Workshops

At the moment book with us directly.


We can’t keep such amazing resources just to ourselves. So we partner with a small number of organisations to help them realise their purpose and vision: