Welcome ~ Croeso

When you care about what you do…

...you want the right kind of space to do your best work and people around you who will help you shape the kind of future you want to see.

For some, The Waterside is that kind of place and we are those kind of people.

We love seeing what happens when you give thoughtful, highly motivated people the space to think, talk and be creative. We love quietly disruptive change that makes the world a better place.


Who help you make sense of where you are and the change you want to see; who help you talk and create your future together; and who help you breakthrough and lead real change… here or elsewhere


A different kind of space that you can also hire for your team away-day or to run your event. As one long-time client says “It’s all about people and place” and we love welcoming people here - it shows!


Online community of Quiet Disruptors finding their own voice, owning their way of being and having confidence to go against the grain for purpose, without needing to make a lot of noise…


Making real our commitment to creating space for you to think, talk and create, by running our monthly open First Fridays @ The Waterside, and hosting provocative Waterside Conversations