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When we step out of the traffic, and away from everyday noise, we start to breathe more deeply and see more clearly.

That’s when we remember what’s truly important for our work, business, leadership or life.

It’s also when we can hear more. And the result is surprising.

We delight in gathering, guiding and inspiring people like you who want to make a difference. Who intuitively know they need to choose between more of the same - with all the busyness and noise - and changing the conversation for good.


Welcome to The Waterside

Waterside Conversations

Wisdom for a different kind of conversation for leaders, teams and collaboratives


Quiet and creative retreats at The Waterside, including our regular First Friday

Quiet Disruptors

Resources for thoughtful changemakers - here, where you are and online

Find Your Voice

Emerging programme for those who want to change the conversation for good

“Quiet space to change the conversation for good”

Here... is a beautiful hidden valley in the hills north of Swansea in South West Wales. Just 3 miles from the M4 and 20 minutes from a mainline station, it’s a different world. And you’re sharing it with the alpacas…

And we are Sue and Steve Heatherington